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About Water from Air

Fresh drinking water is a limited and scarce resource, under severe threat by our ever increasing demand and poor environmental practices. Harvesting Water from Air is an environmentally friendly and alternative and sustainable source of pure, fresh water. The innovative Water from Air machines are a convenient and cost-effective means of providing pure drinking water of the highest quality and taste in unlimited quantities.

Water from Air offers a range of water makers to provide for your water requirements anywhere, from a unit for domestic/office use, to units for commercial applications.

Water from Air machines have been developed and innovated over time, using proven internationally available working components and high quality materials to ensure low operating costs, ease of maintenance, and optimal hygienic standards. All machines are covered by a one year warranty.

It is the Water from Air mission to create value by providing equipment and expertise to reclaim pure drinking water form the air in the most eco-friendly, economically feasible way, and to contribute meaningfully to the communities that we serve. Water from Air has a vision of making a real difference, especially to school children and the aged by making pure drinking water easily available to them and in so doing raising the quality of life and uplifting communities globally.